Place-Based Ads


The telco company was seeking to create awareness to their sweepstakes page within the Foursquare platform to win prizes associated with a sports team in their proximity during the back half of 2013.


Foursquare was able to offer high-impact post Place-Based ads targeted in and around sports stadiums around the country. Campaigns were further targets within an average of 78 mile radius of where the stadiums were, or in some cases, state targeting was utilized.


For the lead-up to the campaign, close to 1MM users saw the messaging, with an average top-line CTR of 2.31%. Average save rate of the offer was 10.73% (users can save offers to review at a later time and also get an e-mail reminder). 

During the heavy-up period, the average CTR was 1.84%, with an average save rate of 7.31%.

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