Lots of menu items and a wide price range

Recep Gürel, T-SteakHouse & Restaurant

Locations: Luleburgaz, Turkey

Biggest Challenge

Attracting student customers
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Located in the Turkish town of Luleburgaz, T-SteakHouse & Restaurant wanted to gain traction in the local university community. They turned to Foursquare Ads to let students know about their affordable menu.

Recep Gürel, the manager of T-SteakHouse & Restaurant, had previously tried billboards and flyers to promote the restaurant, but said, “it was impossible to measure the effect of traditional advertising on our business.” With Foursquare Ads, he immediately saw results with new student customers coming in. These people also shared their visits and photos with friends on Foursquare, amplifying word-of-mouth about the restaurant.

Since the average customer comes with one or more friends, Gürel estimates that T-SteakHouse makes 25 TL for every 3,5 TL they spend on Foursquare - that’s a 614% return on investment. Months later, the restaurant’s Foursquare Ad continues to build momentum, with new student customers discovering T-SteakHouse and returning again and again.

Business Results

Avg Customer Spend Per Visit 25 TL
Return on Investment 614%

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