Made-from-scratch artful frozen cocktails and housemade hummus

Jerry Nevins, Snow & Company

Locations: Kansas City, MO

Biggest Challenge

Establishing a brand and name for themselves as an unconventional cocktail bar
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When Snow & Company co-owners Jerry Nevins, Andy Talbert and Lauren Cloud were brainstorming the type of business they wanted to start after business school, they considered what was missing in the Kansas City restaurant scene. That’s when they noticed people around them lamenting the Midwest heat and wishing they had an option for refreshing frozen cocktails like those easily found on the Vegas strip or Key West shores. That’s when a lightbulb went off.

“We knew artisanal frozen cocktails was the idea we wanted to run with,” Nevins said, “But because not many people had experienced it before in Kansas City, we’ve had to make a name for ourselves.”

They turned to Foursquare Ads to help introduce their unique frozen drinks to people nearby. Nevins said it has been very successful in getting the word out about their new business by also showing off their other great offerings like their shareable appetizers and lounge atmosphere.

Foursquare has also been effective for generating repeat business. It’s paid off with terrific results in the form of a 1,150% ROI. “We’re absolutely happy with the return,” Nevins said.

“We see a lot of increased weekly activity after turning up the dial on Foursquare Ads. Our constant challenge is to continue engaging customers, and Foursquare has provided the tools for that.”

Business Results

Avg Customer Spend Per Visit $25
Return on Investment 1,150%

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