Cocktails & views of the city skyline

David Feit, Sky Room

Locations: New York, NY

Biggest Challenge

Targeting foot traffic nearby
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“There are millions of people who pass through the Times Square area, but a lot of them won’t go into the building because they don’t know we’re there,” said David Feit, marketing director for Sky Room.

Their location, on the 34th floor of a centrally-located building, has amazing views of New York City. But, being so high up, they miss out on the abundance of nearby foot traffic in Times Square. Sky Room needed a way to reach people on the ground. That’s where Foursquare came in.

“Having the ability to target people in the area when they are looking for a place like ours helps a lot. And Foursquare provides the ability to know who actually came in the door from the ads, which is a unique way to get a handle on what we’re getting out of our spend.”

Their ad promoted a special happy hour at which, according to Feit, each person typically buys a few drinks for a total that averages $25. At a cost of $1.50 per customer, that comes out to a toast-worthy 1566% return on investment.

Business Results

Avg Customer Spend Per Visit $25
Return on Investment 1,566%

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