Famous mozzarella marinara, award-winning BBQ, and late night menu

Curt Kluth, Saz's State House

Locations: Milwaukee, WI

Biggest Challenge

Driving customers of their festivals & catering properties to their flagship restaurant location
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If anyone can call themselves a food institution in Milwaukee, it’s Saz’s Hospitality Group. It has six properties located throughout the city, is the proud official BBQ partner of the Green Bay Packers, and is one of the largest caterers in the state of Wisconsin. Most customers have experienced Saz’s delicious menu from their catering events or at Summerfest or the Wisconsin State Fair, but many people don’t know they can also enjoy the same food in a sitdown setting at Saz’s State House.

“We were serving hundreds of thousands of people a year at festivals, but they didn’t even know we have a flagship restaurant location,” said Curt Kluth, marketing & promotions director at Saz’s Hospitality Group. “Even as an established brand, it’s a challenge to get into the ears of the young crowd and get them here.”

To tackle the awareness problem, Kluth used Foursquare Ads to entice people nearby with a teaser of their award-winning BBQ ribs and their famous mozzarella marinara. “It’s a way for us to put out a fun message that really talks to our customers.”

So far, Foursquare has generated over 20,000 free local impressions for Saz’s. The actual customer engagements they’ve paid for have been extremely profitable, with a return on investment of over 1000%. 

“It’s a very strong return and we’re very happy with the results. “As soon as the weather warms up, we’re going to ramp up more dollars into it because it obviously works.”

Business Results

Avg Customer Spend Per Visit $38
Return on Investment 1,004%

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