Its unique spin on Mexican food and spacious indoor and patio seating

Scott Herman, Raging Burrito & Taco

Locations: Decatur, GA

Biggest Challenge

Being top-of-mind in the Atlanta restaurant scene
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When Scott Herman decided to open a Mexican restaurant, his mission was to create a diverse and comfortable place people would enjoy. Influenced by his global travels, he crafted an eclectic menu that offers something for everyone. Herman paired that with a relaxing and spacious atmosphere featuring both indoor and outdoor seating.

Raging Burritos & Taco seemed well set up for success, but Herman still had an uphill battle in grabbing the attention of young adults in the Atlanta area. He describes them as a target demographic that is difficult to pin down because of their transient, in-and-out type lifestyle.

“Foursquare sparked a lot of customer activity for us, so we’re really glad we jumped on early.”

“People are so spontaneous in where they go, but Foursquare helps us stay on people’s minds”, said Herman, who has seen over 20,000 impressions from his Foursquare Ad. “The benefits of having that many impressions to go into the local community when they’re searching on their smartphones is tremendous. It adds up to great value for us.”

In a year where many nearby businesses have been struggling due to increasing competition and harsh weather conditions keeping people in their homes, Raging Burrito actually increased sales by 10 percent. The growth wasn’t just a coincidence, said Herman, who started running ads on Foursquare a month after it became available to all local businesses. “Foursquare sparked a lot of customer activity for us, so we’re really glad we jumped on early.”

Business Results

Avg Customer Spend Per Visit $25
Return on Investment 608%

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