America's Craaaziest Burgers

Tommy Up, PYT

Locations: Philadelphia, PA

Biggest Challenge

Growth and expansion of their business
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Quirky and popular are the two best words to describe Philadelphia burger spot PYT. Their claim-to-fame is an adventurous burger menu — featuring options like a bacon cheeseburger on a glazed donut bun — and their reputation for being beloved by local residents and tourists alike is clear from their whopping 30,000+ check-ins.

Owner Tommy Up credits much of their success to its most loyal customers, many of whom use Foursquare daily. According to Up, being able to promote customers’ real tips is what sold him on Foursquare Ads.

“It’s much better than other advertising because people don’t listen to the business talking about themselves, they listen to other customers. Foursquare Ads has given us the kind of customer that consistently comes back. There’s not really anything like that out on the market right now.”

Before signing up for Foursquare Ads, Up had only dabbled in conventional advertising, like getting PYT into student campus coupon guides and a few ads in food magazines. After getting a 376% ROI from their Foursquare Ad, however, he sees both the immediate and ancillary benefits of investing a marketing budget in Foursquare.

“It is worth it,” said Up, “There are customers from our area that were using Foursquare consistently and bringing people with them to PYT, but they’re also turning their friends onto Foursquare, and we’re getting the benefit from that.”

Business Results

Avg Customer Spend Per Visit $22
Return on Investment 376%

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