Delicious food, friendly service, and a longtime staple of the Moscow nightlife scene.

Dmitry Kirillov, Propaganda Club

Locations: Moscow, Russia

Biggest Challenge

Staying cool and continuing to be where their clients are (like on Foursquare).
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Propaganda Club is one of the most well-known clubs in Moscow. Opened in 1997, people keep coming back because they love the food and the nightlife scene is always fun. Their main challenge is remaining relevant as times change. Their Foursquare Ads have helped them get new people coming in the door, and they have outperformed all other digital advertising they’ve tried.

“Our Foursquare Ads performed three times better than our Facebook ads.”

“Our Foursquare Ads performed three times better than our Facebook ads,” said Dmitry Kirillov of the KittyHug agency that runs the campaigns for Propaganda Club. “I like the idea of spending money to attract real customers. It’s not just somebody doing something online, they’re actually visiting our club.”

As for return on their investment, Kirillov estimates that for every $1 they spent on Foursquare Ads, their client made $20 from customers who saw their ad and checked in.

Business Results

Avg Customer Spend Per Visit $20
Return on Investment 1,900%

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