Neighborhood sports bar with friendly staff, fun events like viewing parties

Pete Levin, Professor Thom's

Locations: New York, NY

Biggest Challenge

Building lunch business and getting customers during off times
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Boston-themed but NYC-based bar Professor Thom’s hosts a long list of fun and interesting events for patrons — chili cookoffs, “Clam-a-Palooza”, and Game of Thrones watching parties, to name a few. Looking to get the word out about these to people in their East Village neighborhood, owner and general manager Pete Levin turned to online advertising. Since he used Foursquare a lot personally, Levin tried Foursquare Ads.

Levin said he found Foursquare Ads extremely easy to set up, and the ability to target locally was a major plus. Compared to an overwhelming amount of targeting options on Facebook, Levin said he found Foursquare’s location-based targeting a welcome sight.

“Targeting people nearby is huge,” said Levin, “Most of our business is East Village-based anyways, so that’s valuable to us.”

A customer that comes into Professor Thom’s spends $15 on average between its diverse selection of drinks and food. Their Foursquare Ad performed extremely well, with each check-in only costing $3.07 to give them a 389% estimated ROI. 

“Foursquare Ads is good at driving in business. It’s worth it.”

Business Results

Avg Customer Spend Per Visit $15
Return on Investment 389%

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