Pub fare, carefully-selected craft beer

Lawrence Chan & Hudson Tang, Manchester Pub

Locations: New York, NY

Biggest Challenge

Getting more customers for off-peak hours
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From the outside, Manchester Pub may look like any other New York City pub. But inside, customers will find a unique spot to catch a game and wash down some quality pub fare with carefully-selected craft beers. One of the keys to early growth for the establishment was through word of mouth. Co-owner Lawrence Chan tried Foursquare Ads to continue that trend. Chan said the active members of the Foursquare community, combined with real customer actions like check-ins made the advertising really click for them.

“We get offered online advertising all the time, but it’s hard to directly correlate what advertising does online to actual dollars in the store. Foursquare is, if not the only one, among the few where we can see the return.”

Chan said he also loved how easy it was to set up and monitor his ad on Foursquare. Having tried ads on Twitter and Facebook in the past, Chan found the customer targeting levers on other platforms complex and overwhelming. On Foursquare, it was much easier.

“Setting up and running Foursquare Ads is easy,” said Chan. “If customers are in the neighborhood, they type in ‘beers’ or ‘pub,’ and I’m bidding to get their view. That really makes it easy for us.”

The ad performed extremely well, especially amongst customers nearby who were searching for bars and food. Those customers typically spend at least $20, giving Manchester Pub an estimated 539% ROI according to its Foursquare Ad results.

Business Results

Avg Customer Spend Per Visit $20
Return on Investment 539%

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