Fuel Company

Promoted Places, Place-Based Ads and Foursquare Audience Network


A major energy company with fuel stations around the country wanted to push consumers to try their new gasoline offering. They ideally were seeking to target consumers who frequently visit gas stations - both their brand and for competing brands.


Foursquare provided both Place-Based ads and promoted update units, targeted against consumers who check-in to gas stations and street/road locations frequently. To add scale, we also provided them Foursquare Audience Network targeting, allowing them to target consumers within the vicinity of a gas station.


The campaign delivered more than 7.4MM impressions and 56,000 actions during Q4 2013.

Promoted Places drove over 27,000 explicit check-ins, 50% stronger than the category average, while Place-Based ad units drove 100,000 impressions at gas stations and roads. 

Foursquare Audience Network placements drove 6MM impressions, with a CTR of 1.17%, more than 3.5x stronger than the vertical’s benchmark.

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