Membership and a la carte cafe and design gallery

Aurora Mazzei, Fair Folks and a Goat

Locations: New York, NY

Biggest Challenge

Balancing physical presence with online presence
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Fair Folks and a Goat is not your typical New York City cafe. For $25 a month, customers can get unlimited coffee whenever they want (though an a la carte option is still available). And if they take a liking to the Trattoria chair they’re sitting in, they can buy it on the spot — or any of the other design items in the living room-esque space.

Running an unconventional business also means that expanding local reach has been even more critical to helping people understand what Fair Folks and a Goat is about.

“With Foursquare Ads, we are reaching out to people who are physically in the neighborhood and could come by,” said Aurora Mazzei, who co-founded the business with her husband Anthony and serves as its creative director. “As we grow with more locations, we expand our physical reach and the online side expands that even more.”

Aurora describes their previous experience with other online advertising platforms as difficult, likening the broad targeting to “shouting out into a forest, and sometimes something shouts back at you, and sometimes it doesn’t.” The customers coming in and checking in because of their Foursquare Ad are different, said Aurora.

“It’s a physical person with whom we have the ability to strike up a conversation, engage with in some way and give them a full customer experience. That is definitely the kind of outcome we want from an advertising effort.”

Business Results

Actions on Their Ad 400+
Impressions on Foursquare 15,000+

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