Neighborhood-influenced grocery store and cafe with local and organic goods

Christopher Lykins, Enzo's Market

Locations: Chattanooga, TN

Biggest Challenge

Getting customers to branch out and discover their unique goods
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Enzo’s Market is a true local business, supported and loved by its community. The Chattanooga-based grocery store and cafe carries both local and specialty goods that keep customers coming back time and time again. So, it’s no surprise that Enzo’s kept the primary demographic of its neighborhood (young, savvy adults) in mind when looking to attract more people.

“A lot of young people use Foursquare, so we are at the forefront and foremind of people who are in the neighborhood,” said Christopher Lykins, design & marketing director for Enzo’s. 

“We’ve been able to pull new people into our store because they found us on Foursquare.”

Within roughly a half year of opening, Enzo’s tried its hand at advertising to gain awareness and visitors from the neighborhood. Spending money on social media was something Enzo’s owners were wary of, so Lykins took a leap of faith with Foursquare, their first kind of advertising ever. “I took the jump and paid for the ad myself — and it’s working,” he said.

The average customer at Enzo’s spends about $30 between shopping for groceries and grabbing a bite or drink at their cafe, bringing their estimated ROI from Foursquare Ads to a healthy 1585%.

“So few advertising spends can be broken down like that,” Lykins said of paying for check-ins. “It allows me to talk to the owners and show them how it’s a great spend with results.”

Business Results

Avg Customer Spend Per Visit $30
Return on Investment 1585%

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