Place-Based Ads, Foursquare Audience Network


The client was seeking to increase awareness and engagement for a specific line of cookies, based on both place and time of day during the summer months (July through Labor Day).


Foursquare offered them a combination of Place-Based ads targeted to venues such as offices, DMV’s, doctor’s offices, homes and airports. Foursquare’s ability to target inside the Foursquare app, as well as around these specific locations via the Foursquare Audience Network provided the ability for the brand to surround their target consumer at the best time possible.


The campaign delivered a CTR of 5.1% CTR, with Place-Based ads delivering the best results. Place-Based ad Units delivered a 5.65% CTR, with over 434,000 impressions and a save rate of 15% (users can save campaigns for later review, in this case, users could return to the microsite later if they didn’t have time to review in that moment).

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