A neighborhood cafe serving breakfast, lunch and happy hour

Tom Buswell, Caffe Centro

Locations: San Francisco, CA

Biggest Challenge

Keeping momentum going and continuing to improve the business
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Caffe Centro is located in a vibrant neighborhood in the heart of San Francisco’s bustling tech community, so they get a healthy amount of foot traffic. But in order to keep these customers returning, and to attract new ones, owner Tom Buswell turned to online advertising.

Buswell was looking for something he hadn’t tried before that would be easy but effective. 

“Foursquare Ads is very simple to set up and very affordable to get started. It’s also easy to get ROI from the actions, so it’s a good value.”

Foursquare Ads allowed him to get targeted customers by focusing on people nearby in the neighborhood. “When you make it simple and concentrate on the people nearby, you’re more likely to have success,” said Buswell, “Foursquare also has a very loyal user base, so that helps with getting new people who will come back again.”

Buswell says he’s been “delighted” by the value his business gets from Foursquare Ads. Considering the average Caffe Centro customer spends $10, the estimated ROI comes out to 140%.

Business Results

Avg Customer Spend Per Visit $10
Return on Investment 140%

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