Craft beer & light fare

Paul Ramirez, Bronx Beer Hall

Locations: Bronx, NY

Biggest Challenge

Promoting their location inside a large market
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The Bronx Beer Hall is located in the 73-year-old Arthur Avenue market in the Bronx and serves craft beer and light fare.

Their biggest challenge in promoting their business, according to owner Paul Ramirez, is getting people to understand that they’re located inside a large retail market known for Italian specialty foods.

So Foursquare helped put them on the map. 

“Foursquare has been great at getting people to come to our exact location. I turned down all other advertising. The fact that it’s personal and people take the time to visit is a hit for us. No question.”

Their ad run was indeed a hit, as they saw a 55% return on investment. As a bonus, they got over 6,500 free impressions.

Business Results

Avg Customer Spend Per Visit $28
Return on Investment 55%

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