A diverse offering of spa services and a product line in 3,000 stores across 26 countries

Lisse Grullemans, Bliss Spa

Locations: Worldwide

Biggest Challenge

Reaching customers on the street for their 2nd floor NYC SoHo location
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Bliss Spa has 21 luxury spa locations and a product line that’s in 3,000 stores across 26 countries. Their main challenge is turning nearby local shoppers into spa customers. Although their SoHo location in New York City is in a bustling neighborhood, they aren’t at street level, so many people walk by without noticing their spa is there.

“Foursquare Ads allow us to attract new customers and see an immediate response, “ said Lisse Grullemans, social media coordinator for Bliss, “We’ve done Facebook ads, but it’s not as user-friendly as Foursquare."

"With Foursquare, you pay per action and it’s easy breezy.”

Not only was it easy, but Grullemans called the response “amazing.” At only $4.60 per visit, with an average customer spending anywhere from $36 to $200, the return on investment was on average nearly 2500%. Their ad also saw high levels of engagement, costing only $1.38 for every tap.

Business Results

Avg Customer Spend Per Visit $118
Return on Investment 2,465%

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