Big Box Retailer

Promoted Places


A major big box retail chain was looking to drive store traffic and increase viewership to their weekly ad, both to new customers and to customers who have not checked-in to one of their locations in the last 30 days or more.


Foursquare was able to offer the client Promoted Places, delivered primarily during 4Q 2013, with four different sets of creative. One was Halloween themed, one was candy themed, one was appliance-brand centric and one was geared toward a video game title launch.


Overall, over 1MM impressions were served, with 75% of all check-ins being driven by Promoted Places. 4.3% of the impressions resulted in a user action, more than double Foursquare’s category benchmark.

Also of note, 50% of visits took place within three hours of seeing an impression, while 73% of people who checked-in after seeing an ad had not been to one of their locations in the last 90 days.

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