Classic '80s arcade games & craft beer

Paul Kermizian, Barcade

Locations: Brooklyn, Jersey City, Philadelphia

Biggest Challenge

Attracting new customers
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Barcade, with locations in Brooklyn, Jersey City and Philadelphia, is known for craft beer and classic arcade games. Like many bars, their customer base is constantly turning over, so their biggest challenge is attracting new people and being able to track how their advertising budget is being spent.

“When we put an ad in a magazine, you don’t actually know that anyone turned to the page your ad was on,” owner Paul Kermizian said. He wanted to track how his advertising money was being spent. That’s when he turned to Foursquare.Foursquare Ads were Barcade’s first foray into digital advertising. “Foursquare Ads have targeted a lot of new people for us,” said Kermizian. And the results keep them coming back.

Each customer that Foursquare Ads brought in cost $1.71, and Barcade estimates that they spend $20. “If they even bought one beer, it goes towards paying for the ad itself,” said Kermizian.

Business Results

Avg Customer Spend Per Visit $20.00
Return on Investment 1070%

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