Claim your Business on Foursquare

Your business is probably listed already. Take control of it to own your presence on Foursquare. There are millions of business listings on Foursquare, all submitted by customers who go to those places.
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How It Works

Over 100 million people can find your business through Foursquare and our partners.

Potential customers see your listing when they search for places to go – they can look at photos and tips people leave, call you directly from our app, or look up your address so that they can stop by.

What to Add

Your listing includes basic information like your address and phone number, but you should make sure it’s accurate. Plus, you should add:

  • A business description
  • Hours of operation
  • Your website
  • Social media links (Facebook, Twitter) 
  • Menus (for food and services) 
  • Details (payment options, wifi, delivery, and more) 

Once you claim your listing, you can start connecting with your customers.


Business not listed? You'll be able to add it when you get started.

Manage a lot of businesses? We can help. Fill out this form if you manage more than 10 locations or download this form to get started if you manage more than 100. For advice on how to best set up a business with multiple locations, check out this help article. 


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