Engage Customers

Use Foursquare Local Updates to share news, events, or featured items at your business with customers when they are nearby.

How It Works

People who have checked in or look at your business page will see local updates you post to Foursquare – there's no need for customers to subscribe, you already have a built in audience. 

You can create and post updates easily, anytime. Your customers will see your updates on their phone, along with anyone who views your business listing. 

What to Say

Updates can be anything you want to tell your customers. Tell them about:

  • a new item
  • a sale or discount
  • general announcements
  • an upcoming event
  • your loyalty program 
  • a charity drive
  • special guests
  • holiday hours
  • a show or exhibition

You can also use Foursquare to extend in-store messaging, or as another channel for your current promotional efforts. 

Tip: Add a picture to your update to make your business look even more enticing! 


Reusable content

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