Reward Customers

Offer Foursquare Specials to attract new customers or reward loyal ones by giving them an incentive to visit your business.

How It Works

People search for specials to find discounts and rewards nearby. You can set up specials to attract customers, for free! Plus, when businesses create specials, they stand out as orange pin on the map when people search for places to go.

Customers redeem specials by checking in when they arrive at your business. Your special will appear on their phone after they check in – they will show it to your staff to redeem it.

What to Offer

Try one of these specials (they typically work well):

  • Offer a small gift – "free hot chocolate on your third check-in"
  • Provide a discount – "save 25% on comedy tickets when you check in"
  • Give VIP treatment – "check in to get a free upgrade to the front row"
  • Run a contest – "tweet your check-in to be entered into an iPod raffle"

Tip: Once you create specials online, you can see how they're performing and turn them on or off from our Foursquare for Business app. 

Reusable content

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Make sure to let people know you have a special!

Place a sign in your window or near your register to promote your special. Make your own, or download one we've created. It looks like this:


Ready to set up a special? Check out our support center if you'd like instructions and best practices